Thursday, February 24, 2011

Let's get with it people!!!

The wonderful world of facebook has given us a new way to make our voices heard.  We know when people are happy, sad, angry, drunk, and even what the size of their latest shit was.  Freedom of speech.  It is a wonderful thing.  Not all countries have that right, so I ask you when should you just keep it to yourself?

As some of you know I am a talker.  I REALLY like to talk.  I love to write and express myself.  I get very personal.  I also feel if you don't like what I am saying don't listen or don't read it.  You don't have to agree with me.  You may think I am smart, funny, witty, obnoxious, boring, stupid.  Whatever you feel you are entitled.

Some of you  also know that I have a child with special needs.  If you have read this blog it is quite clear.  I have always been sensitive when it comes to ignorance, but having my son has multiplied my heartbreak when I hear hate roll of someones tongue. 

Now back to facebook. Now I have nothing against facebook, but I have been appalled by some of the status updates I've read.  Again, it is my choice not to look, but ... COME ON PEOPLE!!!!!  What has fueled this is a comment I read tonight about gay people not having the right to marry.  I had to say something.  I simply said.  Gay people do not choose to be gay they are born that way.  Everybody deserves to be able to be married and everybody is entitled to equality.  Now I had one response agreeing with me, but the comments that came after had me shaking my head in confusion an sickness.  The comments were essentially all the same and said I have many gay friends I don't care how they live.  It is not for me to judge.  However it is immoral and they shouldn't be allowed to marry.  Now, FRIENDS????  Really, you call yourself a friend????  I too have a few gay friends and my wish for for my friends is that they are happy ,and find love (because not all of us choose wisely).  My wish is when my friends choose to start a life with their soul mate they can get a marriage license in any state, any country, and they can plan their marriage, elopement, or trip to the court house, and actually be allowed to be legally married.They can have children by which ever means they desire and are not ridiculed.  Don't call yourself a friend when you spew venom.

That was just my topic for tonight.  The things I read from so many of you.  I know nobody likes the PC world we live in, but when you could be hurting someone why say it?  All you do is hurt and spread hatred.  I have seen many of my friends and relatives allow people to post the word "retard" on their pages or use it themselves. Come on people say something.  Hey dude easy on the "R" word. It doesn't have to be some big thing, but make people think.  I heard Whoopie Goldberg talking about it.  She said I say it I know it is wrong. It's not like saying the "N" word.  Really???  Because Whoopie the "N" word effects you the "R" word doesn't .  Hate is hate.  Ignorance is all the same. When I hear that word it breaks my heart.  When I hear the "N" word it breaks my heart. I have seen my son look at people with tears in his eyes and shake his head no.  It hurts.  I heard one boy say it is the worst word because people with disabilities are unable to defend themselves.  That is so true.  They can't defend themselves.

To close.  I want you to think before you speak.  If what you have to say will hurt an entire group of people  (race, religion,disabilities,sexuality,etc) then shut your mouth, because you look like an idiot.